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Freeze Time, Reverse Aging. Venus Freeze


Patient Testimonials

Your goals

If you have problem areas that you want treated or if you want to try to get that look your having trouble achieving at the gym, then we have a solution for you. Comfortable treatment that gets rid of fat and helps tighten skin. You body contouring and skin tightening goals are you own. We can help with Venus Freeze technology.


  • "Dr Cummings did a great job with the injections" Julie B.

  • " Dr Cummings is by far and away the best doctor I have ever met" Amber E.

  • "Dr Cummings has gone above and beyond" Mike

  • "The facility is as high quality as his equipment, top notch" Tristy H.

  • "Beautiful and comfortable" E.S.

  • "Staff is friendly and caring" Michael D.

  • "Very nice caring and respectful...Wonderful Clinic" D.C.​ 

About Us

At DaVinci Med Spa we want to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Your body contouring and skin tightening treatments are provided in a beautiful, relaxing environment. When you leave from your appointment, we want you to feel relaxed and accomplished, Just like you had a spa session!


Our team

Our entire team is dedicated to helping you achieve results as quickly and safely as possible.. Our Med Spa is under the direction of a doctor with over 25 years experience in the medical field.


Our philosophy