Freeze Time, Reverse Aging. Venus Freeze


For many people who desire a more toned and healthy appearance of their skin, skin tightening is the approach for which they are looking. Whether you are looking for a reduction of the appearance of excess skin on the back of the arms, neck, face or abdomen, Venus Freeze at DaVinci Med Spa is safe to use on all body areas.

The effects that can be seen with skin tightening are the result of stimulation of the body to remodel and replace it's collagen and elastin fibers. This is a natural response and even when loose skin of the face is treated, this does not look artificial. You, only better!

In some cases when there is a large amount of loose skin to be dealt with, surgery may be the more appropriate option. Other than that there are not very many viable options except for Venus Freeze! When the abdomen has been stretched because of pregnancy or weight loss, and a toning of the abdominal skin is desired, services are available at DaVinci MedSpa to deal with these issues. As we all age, some of us tend to get loose skin or a fullness under the neck. This is a very common area for people to have addressed with body contouring and skin tightening using the Venus Freeze.

Skin Tightening
No matter how hard you work out at the gym loose skin can still be a problem. Or perhaps you've lost a certain amount of weight and you are at or near your goal and it's time to work on the appearance of loose skin. We can help with the Venus freeze.