Freeze Time, Reverse Aging. Venus Freeze


Using patented MP2 technology the Venus Freeze combines radio frequency thermal energy and pulsed electromagnetic therapy. This is the first FDA cleared technology  to use this combination effectively. This combined device provides a dual approach to the safe and effective reduction of fat and the tightening of skin.
Radio frequency provides the energy sufficient to treat fat cells in order to shrink their size. This therapeutic increase in the temperature of fat cells and skin stimulates blood flow and causes the existing collagen fibers in the skin to shrink. After each session the body gently removes the excess fat that was released through its internal lymphatic system. The body also responds by remodeling of new collagen fibers to maintain a toned appearance to the skin. This skin tightening is desired by many clients.

Radiofrequency has been a proven method for non-surgical body-contouring & skin tightening. The multi-polar design of Venus Freeze allows this radio frequency energy to be delivered in a balanced in in a targeted way to address excess fat and loose skin issues.